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Your neighborhood Orkin Man offers an advanced pest protection plan, backed by science, for your home using the Orkin A.I.M. Solution. It consists of three steps — Assess: complete a comprehensive inspection; Implement: develop a customized solution; Monitor: provide ongoing protection and communication.

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Brian Prokop

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Top Pests in Lincoln, NE

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  1. Bed Bug
  2. Roach
  3. Rodent
  4. Wildlife
  5. Occasional Invaders
  6. Termite
  7. Ant
  8. Ant - Carpenter
  9. Gnat
  10. Spider

Branch Manager

Brian Prokop

Branch #790

1740 Adams St
Lincoln, NE 68521

Phone: (877) 250-1652
Fax: (402) 438-8253

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Lincoln Pest Pressure

Biting Pests
With four distinct seasons, Lincoln, NE, sees cold winters and hot summers. Home-invading insects are a common problem during warm months, especially tiny pests that infest in large numbers. Some of these include:

Bed Bugs
A growing issue in Lincoln, bed bugs travel into homes on clothes, luggage, and furniture. Once inside, residents may not discover a problem for weeks or months. In fact, bed bug bites may take up to 14 days to be noticed on skin. This delay gives the quick-breeding pests time to spread and multiply.

Nebraska homeowners find small, red clover mites on windowsills or glass doors in the spring and fall. The pests may enter houses by the hundreds, leaving behind stains when crushed. Other mite species, such as bird or rodent mites, follow wildlife inside. The pests will bite humans if their preferred hosts are not available.

Lincoln households with indoor/outdoor pets like cats and dogs are most at risk for flea infestations. These insects feed on blood and cause itchy welts. Flea eggs and larvae live in cracks, carpeting, and pet bedding, making them difficult to locate and treat. Sometimes the presence of fleas inside a home might suggest that a rodent or other animal is living inside the home’s crawlspace.

Destructive Pests
Some Lincoln pests come indoors to consume food and household items. The following insects may cause damage and expense:

Foreign Grain Beetles
New construction in Lincoln sometimes faces issues with foreign grain beetle infestations. The insects gather near damp wood or other sources of moisture. Property owners also find them feeding on old food products like moldy cereal or grains.

Carpet Beetles
Carpet beetle larvae feed on natural fibers such as leather and wool. Since the adult stage of carpet beetles often are found outdoors and fly or are carried inside homes, openings in windows screens and gaps around window and door frames allow the pests to make their way indoors. Nebraska residents dealing with carpet beetles often notice holes in costly clothing or upholstery.