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In an effort to better serve you and your community, every Orkin Man receives unparalleled industry training. Your Orkin Man was trained by one of the top 125 training programs in the nations — receiving 160 hours of hands-on training during his first year on the job. He’s trained to use the most effective approach to treat your specific pest problem and situation.

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Roger Lisko

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Top Pests in Omaha, NE

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  1. Rodent
  2. Bed Bug
  3. Occasional Invaders
  4. Roach
  5. Wildlife
  6. Flea
  7. Spider
  8. Termite
  9. Ant
  10. Centipede/Millipede

Branch Manager

Roger Lisko

Branch #532

2430 S 156th Cir
Omaha, NE 68130

Phone: (877) 250-1652
Fax: (402) 334-8730

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Omaha Pest Pressure

Blood Feeding Pests
The pervasive humidity of Omaha, NE summers makes the city a welcoming place for pests. Parasites and blood-sucking insects in particular thrive in the warm, sticky season. Some of the most common for residents to deal with include:

Most active during dusk and dawn and during the night for some species, mosquitoes are experts at ruining a morning jog, an evening barbecue, or a good night’s sleep. The pests feed on human blood, leaving behind itchy bumps on their victims’ skin. In addition, several mosquito species in Nebraska can spread West Nile virus and St. Louis encephalitis.

These insects prefer pets as their hosts. However, if flea infestations grow large enough, the pests can also bite humans. Though they transmit diseases to animals in some cases, fleas in Nebraska are typically just a nuisance.

Bed Bugs
As the largest city in the state, Omaha sees its fair share of bed bugs. The pests thrive in areas with a large human population, and not just because blood is their food source. People help them travel by carrying them inside luggage, furniture, and clothing. Once indoors, a bed bug infestation can be hard to control.

Winter Pests
Winters in Omaha are some of the coldest in the United States. Temperatures rarely jump above freezing during December and January. This frigid weather drives the following pests indoors:

The Norway rat is the most common rat species in Omaha. After getting inside homes, these pests soil pantries and attics with their urine and feces. They also spread a number of diseases from rat-bite fever to the potential of plague.

House mice cause similar problems as Norway rats. They live in attics, under counters, and inside wall voids, reproducing out of sight. In addition to carrying diseases, these pests gnaw on everything from furniture to electrical wiring, which can create considerable damage if the problem goes unchecked.

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The Orkin Man impressed me so favorably with his quiet, polite manner. It is something to see. He is quick and efficient, but still has time to exchange pleasantries.
Omaha, Nebraska