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Roswell, NM, is home to several otherworldly-looking pests. With eight inch long black bodies, 20 sets of yellow legs, and fiery red heads, giant redheaded centipedes terrorize local residents simply by being present. Typically found under rocks, logs, and cow pies, these pests enjoy the high plains desert climate. Their painful bites and piercing legs may cause localized swelling, dizziness, and even tissue destruction. House centipedes, their tamer cousins, are much more common around Roswell homes. Though the pests' many legs and fast crawling can be startling, they don’t typically pose a threat to humans.

Bed bugs and their insatiable appetite for human blood are also unwelcome to local homeowners. The insects not only hide in bedding, but also in sheltered locations in public places such as waiting rooms, restaurants, and movie theaters around Roswell. Because bed bugs often hitchhike from one place to another, infestations in apartments, hotels, duplexes, and condos can become possible. To identify bed bug activity, look for small bloodstains or fecal smears on bedding and upholstery. The pests also leave small, reddish bites on the skin. These are simply itchy for most people, though others may experience more serious allergic reactions.

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