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If you have problems with annoying, unsanitary, or dangerous insects, termites, or rodents, Orkin can provide comprehensive pest control services in Albany. We offer the assistance of trained and certified technicians who use top-of-the-line equipment along with tried-and-true techniques developed over 120 years in business.

We’re dedicated to assisting you with even the most challenging pest control issues so you can have your home back.

There are many pests that can disrupt your way of life and cause turmoil in your home, serious property damage, and costly repairs. Our experience with home pest control in Albany is extensive, and our technicians are prepared to deal with virtually any kind of pest. We also use state-of-the-art tools to get to the source of problems quickly.

We regularly deal with cockroaches in Albany, which can introduce significant sanitation problems if left untreated. These pests contaminate food and can transmit foodborne illnesses, irritate those with asthma — and create a significant nuisance. We also help our Albany customers get rid of flies, which cause many of the same problems.

Besides sanitation issues, there are health and comfort risks associated with biting and stinging pests. Centipedes, spiders, and ticks in Albany, as well as swarming pests such as bees or wasps, introduce annoying and dangerous factors that can be especially harmful to those with allergies. Our technicians are trained to help find nesting spots and address these insect populations so you can enjoy peace of mind in and around your property. Orkin’s technicians also receive considerable training on mosquitoes in Albany, which can threaten you and your family with dangerous ailments, such as West Nile virus and encephalitis.

We address more than just dangerous pests. We can also curb infestations of annoying bugs such as silverfish, earwigs, and crickets in Albany as well as ants, which can cause property damage and may be challenging to source without the assistance of a trained Orkin technician.

Bugs, while unsavory to many of our clients, aren’t the only source of unsanitary and expensive infestations. Rodents in Albany regularly cause extensive property damage when they chew through electrical wires in walls and appliances, wear down weather seals and other access points, and damage stored food supplies. We help get rid of mice and rats using reputable methods so you can avoid issues ranging from minor annoyances to catastrophes.

Termites are infamous pests that plague residents almost anywhere, and Albany is no exception. They burrow in walls, beneath floorboards, and in a variety of hard-to-reach spaces. Orkin’s knowledgeable and well-equipped inspectors identify and address termite infestations using methods that greatly reduce the threats introduced by termite populations. It’s important that you enlist the help of a professional to properly implement solutions, and our inspectors are prepared to help anyone seeking termite treatment in Albany.

Since termites cause so much property damage if unaddressed, it’s crucial to deal with issues early. Termite control in Albany is a priority for Orkin, and we treat your home using our Orkinfoam and Termidor® liquid termite treatments to help wipe out colonies and discourage re-infestation.

Don’t let pests take your home away from you. Orkin is ready to help with any of your pest control service needs — contact us to learn more about our various offerings and solutions.

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