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The humid summers and chilly winters along the Hudson River create some optimal conditions for unwelcome intruders in homes around the Troy area. From insect infestations in the warm weather to rodents and spiders seeking shelter from the cold, Troy pest control is a necessity no matter the time of year. Residents need a dependable company with expert pest control knowledge — and that's where Orkin comes in.

Otto Orkin established the company over 120 years ago, and since then, we have helped millions of households nationwide with pest infestations.

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From the common cockroach and rodents to crickets and spiders, pests in Troy can certainly be diverse. Each bug presents a unique set of challenges, some being simple nuisances, while others are downright dangerous to humans.

Cockroaches in Troy are one of the most frequently reported bugs which is unsurprising as they are known for breeding at an incredible pace, along with being hard to get rid of. Whilst their outer appearance grosses many people out, the health hazard they pose to humans is a bigger concern. Their skin often carries food and filth-borne illnesses, which can contaminate food and kitchen surfaces.

Rodents in Troy are another concern, as their constant chewing damages home structures like walls and electrical wires. Not only that, mice and rats are also disease spreaders, through defecation and tainting food supplies with waste, saliva, and fur. The hantavirus pulmonary syndrome has been linked to rodents, according to the CDC.

If you spot ants, stinging pests, crickets, silverfish, or other vermin in your Troy home, reach out to Orkin for help with managing your pest problems.

Using state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading training and methodology, our technicians can evaluate the severity of your infestation and treat the interior and perimeter of your home. We seal up cracks used for entry and apply treatment solutions along high-risk areas.

Orkin technicians receive thorough education and training through specialized coursework, simulated training environments, and a comprehensive certification program.

Orkin's team of qualified Troy home pest control technicians are more than ready to deliver top-notch service to help protect your home and family.

Termite infestations can bring silent devastation to your home or property. These pesky little critters thrive on cellulose-based materials, which are found in all homes, regardless of construction types. Billions of dollars are spent each year to rectify the damage caused by termites. At Orkin, we work to help ensure that your house isn’t contributing to this statistic.

There are some early signs of termite infestations that you can spot yourself. These include discarded wings from swarmers around your property, mud tube constructions on exterior walls and crawlspaces, and even wood that sounds hollow when tapped.

Termites in Troy can be one of many species, and since there are over 40 species in the US alone, it can be difficult to recognize them. That's why it's imperative to rely on the exceptional knowledge of Orkin termite inspectors.

Orkin termite control in Troy starts with a complete inspection of your property, from the landscaping around your home to the attic, basement, and crawlspaces inside. IR scanners and moisture monitors enable inspectors to accurately identify termite presence. Depending on the layout of your house, we use a combination of foam, liquid, and bait termite treatments in Troy to address entry points, target active infestations, and help deter any future intrusions.

If you're concerned about termites on your property, contact Orkin today to request an inspection.

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