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Elmsford, NY 10523

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Whether you’re using Orkin for the first time or as a recurring customer, you’ll receive the same great customized protection for your pest control needs. All of our local branches understand the needs specific to their area and offer the same great Orkin Guarantee — if pests return between scheduled visits, your Orkin Man will return at no extra charge.

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John Curley Jr

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Top Pests in Elmsford, NY

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  1. Rodent
  2. Roach
  3. Bed Bug
  4. Occasional Invaders
  5. Termite
  6. Ant - Carpenter
  7. Beetle
  8. Spider
  9. Stink Bug
  10. Ant

Branch Manager

John Curley Jr

Branch #313

2 Westchester Plz
Elmsford, NY 10523

Phone: (877) 250-1652
Fax: (914) 345-9607

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Spring Valley, Monsey, Scarsdale, Port Chester, Yonkers, New City, Ossining, Yorktown Heights, Nanuet, Suffern, Tarrytown, Peekskill, Bronxville, Mamaroneck, Cortlandt Manor, Rye, Larchmont, Mount Kisco, Pearl River, New Rochelle, Nyack, Stony Point, Pelham, Chappaqua, Hartsdale.

Yonkers Pest Pressure

Biting Insects
With a steadily increasing population, Yonkers, NY, is a haven for pests that feed on blood. Biting insects in the area include:

Mosquitoes reproduce in stagnant water and consume blood from animals as well as people. Frequent rainfall in Yonkers provides the perfect breeding conditions for these pests. Besides producing itchy welts, mosquito bites can transmit viruses like West Nile or Zika.

Ticks gather in tall grass and brush, waiting to attach to any humans, pets, or wildlife that pass by their hiding place. Ticks bites spread illnesses such as Lyme disease and anaplasmosis.

Indoor Insects
Yonkers has plenty of housing, which creates a welcoming space for insects that rely on waste for survival. Two common home invaders are:

Drain Flies
Drain fly larvae form in the slime that forms on the inside of pipes, and the adults feed on plant nectar, other sugary liquids, and polluted water. These flies don’t cause damage, but they may transfer bacteria to surfaces in homes. Maintaining plumbing lines and keeping pipes clear and clean is the best way to avoid these infestations.

Odorous House Ants
Odorous house ants come indoors during the summer to forage for food. They enter through small cracks and holes in the foundation, siding, and under the doors and windows of New York buildings. These ant colonies feed on crumbs and spills in homes, leaving behind a pungent, unpleasant scent when crushed.