Pests are everywhere, and if allowed, they can take over a home. In Wilmington, where water is plentiful, and the weather can be humid during the summer and mild during fall and winter, pests not only survive— they thrive. Fortunately, residents can count on Orkin’s pest control service in Wilmington to help with problematic pests.

When pests enter a home, they find ways to hide and multiply, leading to nasty infestations that can spread germs and promote disease. Pests can also be destructive and eat away at your property; however, Orkin is the solution for Wilmington's home pest control. Roaches are prevalent in the area and love dark places where they can hide and breed. Turning on a light can send a few roaches scurrying for cover, but thousands of them may be living quietly within walls and other places until it's time to find food. They may also carry illness-causing bacteria and trigger asthma attacks. Typical bug sprays may kill visible insects but don't impact hidden infestations. Fortunately, Orkin’s Wilmington pest control attacks the bugs where they hide and breed.

The Wilmington area is not only home to cockroaches but also ants, mosquitoes, rodents, noisy crickets, silverfish, stinging pests, ticks, and spiders. Ants may infest your food supply and spread bacteria. In coastal areas, disease-carrying mosquitoes can go unnoticed until they deliver painful bites. Mice and rats can carry diseases and ruin pantry foods. Silverfish can get into homes and destroy fabrics by their incessant chewing. Ticks can carry Lyme disease, and spiders can potentially be venomous. Fortunately, Orkin provides home pest control that Wilmington residents trust to deal with any crawling and flying pests.

The destructive nature of termites can put fear in any homeowner. In areas with warm and humid climates like Wilmington, termite treatment is necessary to help prevent termites from wreaking havoc on wood structures, including framing, floor joists, and siding. Managing termites is possible with effective treatment and it's essential to get termite treatment in Wilmington at the first sign of an infestation. Orkin provides thorough investigations followed by top-quality termite control in Wilmington, depending on your space and the size of the infestation.

Bed bug control in Wilmington can be challenging. Bed bugs can hitch a ride in suitcases, on clothing, and other belongings. The tiny insects dwell in places where they are difficult to see, including in mattress seams and in the crevices of furniture, household items, and flooring. Bed bugs do their damage at night, delivering bites that leave telltale red bumps on the skin and blood spots on bedding. To get rid of bed bugs, Wilmington residents need expert help. It takes skill and science-based treatments to help manage bed bugs, and luckily Orkin provides specialized bed bug treatment for Wilmington homes.

When pests get into your home, it's essential to address the issue ASAP. Orkin is the Wilmington pest control service to call when you discover any pest infestation in your living space. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and yours.

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