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Orkin offers extensive pest control services in Akron, working every day to help keep our clients protected from pest infestations. Through utilizing proven methods for home pest control in Akron, Orkin technicians know the most troublesome bugs common to the area and use their scientific-based assessment skills to find the critters lurking in your home. Call us today to learn about pest inspection and treatment options in northeast Ohio.

Residents of Akron contend with invading pests in their homes such as cockroaches, ants, rodents, including mice and rats, crickets, silverfish, ticks, and spiders. The summer weather brings out pests who made their winter home in your walls, attics, and crawlspace. While some of these bugs end up outside, many remain inside.

Orkin technicians go through hours of training and make use of continued education through Orkin TV and podcasts. A thorough certification program is provided at Orkin's training facility so our technicians become completely familiar with all types of pests in your home. They're fervent investigators and understand the behavior of common bugs in Akron.

When it comes to pesky invaders like cockroaches in Akron, homeowners sometimes think bad housekeeping is the cause. But cockroaches may stow away in items brought in your home or make their way in through cracks, drains, or sewer lines. Once they've established themselves in your home, they can contaminate food and food prep surfaces, and cockroach casings and feces can act as a trigger for those prone to allergies and asthma.

Ants are another crawling invader that love your warm house and probably your cooking, but Orkin applies treatments to help stop the ant queens from laying eggs and then remove the nest.

Rodents carry disease, spread fleas, and contaminate food. Mice may contaminate food and leave hazardous droppings behind. Mice and rats have large teeth that make it very dangerous to try and catch them. Let Orkin send one of our highly-qualified technicians to inspect and treat your home.

Other bugs like crickets and silverfish are generally harmless but quickly move into your home, taking over every room. Light sleepers may regret those cute little crickets when they begin singing at night. Crickets also enjoy chewing on fabrics, paper, and plants. Silverfish have a healthy appetite for paper and fabric too and can get behind wallpaper, inside envelopes, and between pages of books. Don’t delay in calling on Orkin to help manage the threats from unwanted pests.

When termites invade Akron homes, they can cause extensive damage, some of which can affect the very structure of your home. Orkin's termite inspectors will locate the source and apply any of several termite control treatments to protect your home from additional damage. Our Orkin termite inspectors are serious about Akron termite treatment and search for infestations in your basement, especially when dampness is present. They'll check your crawlspace looking for wood damage debris and other conditions that can attract termites.

Trained Orkin inspectors make use of the latest technology for Akron termite control, such as moisture meters, IR thermometers, and termite detection systems that use termite tracking radar signals. These techniques locate the termites, and we provide you with a digital diagram of your home and where the termites are located. Treatment methods include bait to inhibit molting and stunt growth, liquid treatments to create a barrier against reentry, and Orkinfoam to fill entry cracks.

Contact Orkin Pest Control in Akron at the first sign of any bug infestation, and enjoy being able to live, work, and play in your home without bothersome pests.

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