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Whether you’re using Orkin for the first time or as a recurring customer, you’ll receive the same great customized protection for your pest control needs. All of our local branches understand the needs specific to their area and offer the same great Orkin Guarantee — if pests return between scheduled visits, your Orkin Man will return at no extra charge.

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Jeffrey Akins

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Branch Manager

Jeffrey Akins

Branch #568

3404 Successful Way
Dayton, OH 45414

Phone: (877) 250-1652
Fax: (937) 236-4911

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Dayton Pest Pressure

Wood-Boring Pests
With the city’s temperate climate and four distinct seasons, Dayton, OH, residents deal with many types of nuisance insects. Of course, local pests have different methods of causing problems. While some sting and bite, others burrow through structural beams, creating costly damage. Wood-boring pests include:

Eastern subterranean termites typically stay out of sight, living underground or within Dayton structures. Tan mud tubes or the presence of winged, termite swarmers may be the only visual signs of a problem until damage is severe. These tunnels link soil with wood, and help termite workers travel across cement to reach food. Winged termite swarmers are the reproductive males and females that gather to mate and go off to begin a new termite colony.

Carpenter Ants
The carpenter ant is another common insect that damages wood. Ohio’s biggest ant species, these pests can grow as large as a half-inch long. They do not eat timber but rather burrow inside to create space for their colonies. As a result, homeowners may spot piles of discarded sawdust under infested areas.

Flying Pests
Dayton is also home to some flying pests that sting or bite residents. Chief among these insects are:

Dayton experiences amounts of rain above the U.S. average. Since mosquitoes develop in still water, the pests have their pick of breeding grounds across the city. These insects consume blood meals from their hosts, resulting in itchy bumps on skin. Unfortunately, mosquito bites can transmit diseases like West Nile virus.

Yellow Jackets
Yellow jackets often cause issues with Ohio homeowners during outdoor activities. The pests enjoy meat and other sources of protein, plus sugary foods, so they frequently forage for a meal around picnics and garbage cans. A yellow jacket sting is painful and can be dangerous to people with allergies.

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The Orkin Man always calls in advance to schedule appointments at a time convenient for me. If running late, he has the courtesy to call and inform me. You can be assured that he represents Orkin in a very positive manner.
Dayton, Ohio