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In an effort to better serve you and your community, every Orkin Man receives unparalleled industry training. Your Orkin Man was trained by one of the top 125 training programs in the nations — receiving 160 hours of hands-on training during his first year on the job. He’s trained to use the most effective approach to treat your specific pest problem and situation.

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Greg Redd

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  1. Rodent
  2. Bed Bug
  3. Occasional Invaders
  4. Roach
  5. Flea
  6. Ant
  7. Termite
  8. Gnat
  9. Ant - Carpenter
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Branch Manager

Greg Redd

Branch #557

1355 Winnette Dr
Toledo, OH 43614

Phone: (877) 250-1652
Fax: (419) 385-2553

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Toledo Pest Pressure

Stinging Pests
Nestled against Lake Erie, Toledo, OH, offers harsh winters followed by warm summers. Just as natures flourishes and welcomes residents outdoors, insects start to become abundant. Summer pests in Toledo include:

Yellow Jackets
Yellow jackets are wasps with black and yellow stripes. During the summer in Toledo, the pests build nests in yards, wall voids, and attics. These insects prefer sweets, so they often hover around food and drinks at outdoor events. Their stings are quite painful and can have serious consequences for those allergic to yellow jacket venom.

Paper Wasps
During spring, paper wasp colonies begin to construct their nests. Homeowners may find these hives under the eaves of Toledo homes or in dense landscaping. While paper wasps are generally not aggressive, they will defend their nests by repeatedly stinging any perceived threats.

Winter Pests
Although pests are less noticeable outdoors during cold months in Ohio, residents may spot more insects inside. The following pest overwinter in Toledo homes:

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs
As the weather cools, stink bugs look for a place to wait out winter. In Toledo neighborhoods, they congregate on the sides of homes and move inside through any opening they can find. This eventually leads to the pests flying around inside homes. If crushed, a stink bug releases a foul odor.

Asian Lady Beetles
A small multicolored Asian lady beetle population can be helpful in the garden to control plant pests. However, much like stink bugs, these insects move indoors and may become a nuisance. Attracted to heat, light, and bright colors, lady beetles gather on windowsills, ceilings, attics, and light fixtures in large numbers.

Both of these insects are generally difficult to control, so don’t hesitate to contact the professionals. Orkin technicians have the training and skill to remove infestations.