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Bluffton Pest Pressure

With its subtropical climate, Bluffton, SC, is a hot spot for pests like mosquitoes. These biting pests are able to transmit serious diseases while feeding on blood from humans or pets. They also leave behind itchy, irritating bumps on their victims’ skin. Bed bugs feed on people’s blood, as well. They hide in headboards and mattress seams as well as many other cracks and crevices.. Bed bugs aren’t known to transmit diseases,.

Bluffton is also home to termites, pests that can significantly devalue homes in a short period of time. They infest wood and threaten the structural integrity of infested buildings. Paper wasps, another common Bluffton pest, can sometimes sting homeowners. These pests make their nests on decks, roof overhangs, and in attics. If left unchecked, these insects can form large colonies by the end of the summer. .

Customer Testimonials

A rat gained access to my home and was eating everything in its path. I went to the Yellow Pages and called several services. Orkin was the first to respond, and the technician was there by noon. What a fortunate day for me. The Orkin Man could not have been more accommodating. He did a thorough search of the house and attic, even helped me to sweep up some of the mess that was made and strategically set the traps. He was entirely professional, competent, thorough, knowledgeable and pleasant. He also had a sense of customer service and was sensitive to my distress over the situation.
Bluffton, South Carolina