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The residents of Greenwood, SC, often deal with infestations of spiders; particularly concerning are the brown recluse and black widow species. Brown recluses prefer dark, sheltered places and infrequently disturbed areas around homes such as basements and storage areas. They are most active at night. Black widow spiders usually hide in yards under piles of brush, wood, and random debris, though they occasionally venture into buildings, as well. Both types of spiders are venomous, so being bitten by either can result in a serious, adverse reaction.

Hornets and wasps are also common in Greenwood. They construct their nests where people are likely to encounter them, such as around homes or in parks. However, when individuals do approach hives, both hornets and wasps react aggressively to defend their home. People who are allergic can go into anaphylactic shock when stung.

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