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Sumter Pest Pressure

In Sumter, SC, where the summers are muggy and the year-round weather is typically warm, insect and arachnid pests often increase in numbers. Ticks are particularly fond of the humidity and are often found in tall grasses and forested areas. They can carry Lyme disease and several other illnesses that can be detrimental to both people and their pets. When outdoors, residents are advised to wear long sleeves and long pants to reduce the risk of tick bite. Using insect repellents is also helpful, but it is a good idea to seek the advice of a medical professional when deciding which repellent is right for you.

Paper wasps and house flies are also common in the Sumter area. Since they're extremely territorial, paper wasps will often attack anyone who gets too close to their nests. These hives are often found under porches, hanging from roofs or tree branches, or in attics. As such, residents with paper wasp infestations are consistently in danger of being stung. House flies also congregate around Sumter homes. They search for food in trash bins and kitchens and spread several diseases, including salmonella, cholera, and other organisms that cause food poisoning, just to name a few.

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