Southeast Pest Threat


Termites begin swarming in mid to late February through late March but have been feeding all winter, summer, spring and fall. This is the first visible evidence of termites, and their swarm is commonly mistaken as 'flying ants'. Turning on your heat on a cold day can cause these termites to immediately start flying out of your walls. Argentine ants are especially prevalent in areas like Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina during this time of year. Other ant species and American cockroaches try to move indoors during this time as well, seeking warmth from the colder temperatures.


Subterranean termites are still swarming in parts of Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama and South Carolina, so be on the lookout for what most homeowners call 'flying ants' fluttering all around the home. Most ant species begin their movement during this time of year. In the Southeast, the fire ant, crazy ants, Caribbean crazy ants and Argentine ants are the most notable.


Multiple types of flies, spiders, rodents, termite ants (especially fire ants), bees, wasps, hornets, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, bed bugs, stored product pests and cockroaches are the current pest threat.


The fall will bring about a few nuisance pests such as Kudzu bugs, stink bugs, spiders, crickets, occasional invaders, cockroaches (Americans, Smoky Browns), fleas, bed bugs, ants (especially fire ants), termites, stored product pests and rodents.

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