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Orkin serves the following communities near Knoxville:

Oak Ridge, Sevierville, Powell, Maryville, Clinton, Athens, Seymour, Loudon, Newport, Dandridge, Harriman, Madisonville, Kingston, La Follette, Sweetwater, Corryton, Lenoir City, Louisville, Jefferson City, Rockwood, Kodak, Maynardville, Strawberry Plains, Oliver Springs, Tazewell.

Knoxville Pest Pressure

Knoxville, TN, can be very hot and dry during the spring and summer months. These climate conditions are favorable to fire ants. The pests forage for food, seek out moisture, and can nest indoors, which can cause problems when the ants infest air conditioners or chew on insulation. Additionally, fire ant stings cause extreme pain and often require medical treatment for both people and pets.

Cockroaches and several species of spiders commonly invade homes during the mild Knoxville winters. Found in damp areas of the home such as kitchens and bath/laundry rooms, cockroaches are unsanitary. They spread diseases, such as food poisoning, and aggravate residents’ asthma. Spiders move indoors to escape cold weather and are mostly nuisance pests due to their web building. Nevertheless, the area can be home to both black widows and brown recluse spiders, whose bites are highly venomous and can be medically important.