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Despite the relatively mild weather of fall and winter in Arlington, TX, rats and mice are still driven inside temperature-controlled homes during these cooler seasons. They find their way in via broken window and door screens and holes in building exteriors. Rodent infestations cause destruction to personal property, increase the likelihood of fire due to gnawing on electrical wiring, and contaminate stores of food. Rats and mice also create unclean conditions by leaving their urine and excrement around homes. Rodents can spread diseases such as rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, and Hantavirus.

Mosquitoes are prevalent during the spring and summer in Arlington. Female mosquitoes feed on people's blood, leaving behind itchy welts on the skin. Additionally, the biting pests are capable of spreading the West Nile and Zika viruses. Bed bugs are another year-round pest issue. These pests seek harborage in cracks and crevices in bedrooms (or any area where a person regularly sleeps) and come out at night to feed. Their feeding often causes rashes to appear and sometimes even induces insomnia in people dealing with infestations.

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