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Orkin serves the following communities near Grand Prairie:

Alvarado, Arlington, Bear Creek, Cedar Hill, Cockrell Hill, Duncanville, Grandview, Irving, Lillian, Mansfield, Maypearl, Midlothian, Townlake, Venus, Waxahachie

Grand Prairie Pest Pressure

Grand Prairie, TX, experiences warm temperatures year-round, which encourages both people and pests to settle in the city. Ants and cockroaches are of particular significance in the area. They both congregate in kitchens and contaminate stores of food. House ants target sweets, fatty foods, and meats. If the pests find these food items inside a home, they will lead other members of their colony to the food source. Similarly, roaches eat sweets, meats, and starches. These pests are filthy and often spread diseases such as dysentery and food poisoning.

Residents should be aware of mosquitoes, as the pests are common in Grand Prairie. They feed on people’s blood and spread diseases like the Zika and West Nile viruses. Individuals are urged to stay inside during peak biting times at dusk and dawn, dress appropriately and use repellent when outdoors, and drain standing water to reduce the possibility of disease transmission. Ticks are another type of parasite that feeds on the blood of humans and pets. They can transmit Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and many other diseases. Residents should check themselves after hikes in the woods or treks through tall grass to avoid bringing the pests indoors.