Flies in Virginia

Types of Flies in VA

Filth Flies

There are many species of flies located in Virginia and these flies can be categorized as filth breeding flies and biting flies. The most commonly encountered filth breeding flies are common house flies, blow flies, and bottle flies. These pests breed and develop in animal wastes, carcasses, garbage, and decaying vegetation. Large populations of these flies may become a disgusting nuisance, but the most important impact they have on Virginia residents is the transmission of several disease-causing organisms. These organism live on the fly bodies, in their feces, and in the food digestive juices flies uses to digest their food.

Most people readily recognize the common house fly, but sometimes may be puzzled by the presence of dead flies in ceiling light fixtures. Sometimes these dead flies are blow flies or bottle flies that completed their development in a dead animal in the wall or above the ceiling of the structure.

Biting Flies

Some of the more important and common biting flies in Virginia are horse flies, deer flies and black flies. Unlike the filth breeders, these flies bite and feed upon a host’s blood. Their bites usually result in pain, itchiness, and redness at the site of the bite. Since many of Virginia biting flies breed and develop in water or mucky areas in swamps and coastal areas of the State, area-wide control of these flies generally is left to Virginia and County level pest control agencies. Your Orkin pest professional can also help reduce or prevent some of the problems that may arise.