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Seattle Pest Pressure

Being the largest city in the state, Seattle, WA, offers an ideal urban setting for pests that thrive near humans. Some of the most common local examples include:


Norway rats and roof rats raid Seattle homes for food and contaminate stored goods with their droppings, fur, and urine. They also chew through walls and wires, increasing the possibility of an electrical fire. Rats are also responsible for spreading a number of diseases to people, such as rat-bite fever.

Bed Bugs

Finding bed bugs in and around furniture can be extremely disturbing. These blood-sucking pests come out of hiding at night to feed on sleeping residents. Though they are not known to carry or transmit disease, bed bugs leave red, itchy welts on the skin with their bites.

Other pest insects can live in harmony with Seattle residents in small numbers. However, when too many move into the yard or home, these sometimes beneficial insects can cause trouble:

Asian Lady Beetles

Known for controlling aphids and mites in gardens, lady beetles also have the less-desirable reputation of being home invaders. Since being released in western Washington in the 1990s, these pests have flourished in Seattle. They often overwinter indoors, infesting living areas and leaving behind an unpleasant odor.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets prey on a variety of garden pests, though their stings also pose dangers to people with wasp allergies. These insects are most aggressive during late summer and early fall, when they may even sting without being provoked.

Pest Pressure in Nearby Redmond

Just miles away from Seattle, the city of Redmond, WA, has a reputation for rainy weather. This climate attracts many insect pests, including:


With a love for damp spaces, silverfish hide in basements and laundry rooms. While they seek shelter by day, they are most active at night. In addition to their eerie appearance and quick movements, these pests annoy residents by destroying wallpaper, silk, book bindings, and cardboard.

Subterranean Termites

Also fond of moist conditions, subterranean termites can destroy homes with their appetite for wood fiber. Because they are hard to detect, termite infestations often go unnoticed until populations grow large, making complete control efforts nearly impossible to carry out alone.

While the wet conditions are favorable for many insects, Redmond's warm summer temperatures invite even more pests to the area:

Carpenter Ants

Similar in appearance to termites, carpenter ants frequent Washington homes. While they do not feed on wood, they do bore into and nest in wood. This behavior leaves behind ugly holes and piles of sawdust. Large carpenter ant colonies can damage home foundations, roofs, and structural supports.


With plenty of grassy areas surrounding Redmond, ticks are often a threat to local residents. These blood-sucking parasites hide in tall grass, weeds, and brushy plant growth, easily latching onto people and pets. Once they begin to feed, the pests may spread serious illnesses like Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Pest Pressure in Nearby Sammamish

Sammamish, WA, has a mild and humid oceanic climate that appeals to a variety of pests. During the summer, the warm weather brings out several types of pests in droves:

German Cockroaches

Preferring heat and moisture, German cockroaches are drawn to bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas that provide these resources. Almost every part of these pests, from their saliva to their feces, could contain pathogens and cause allergies harmful to humans.

Dampwood Termites

Also common in Sammamish, dampwood termites infest wet, water-damaged wood. Like all termites, they consume wood, literally eating away at homes in the process. Residents are most likely to notice the insects during their mating swarms from late summer to early fall.


Mosquitoes in King County are known to carry West Nile virus, a potentially serious disease. To reduce the risk of infection from a bite, homeowners can prevent mosquito breeding by emptying flower pots, swimming pool covers, or other items that collect water after the area's frequent rainstorms.

During the fall and winter, several pests infest Sammamish homes to escape the colder temperatures:

Deer Mice

The most common carrier of hantavirus in Washington, deer mice typically enter homes near woodland areas, fields, or the outskirts of cities. People can get infected with this potentially deadly virus by simply breathing in particles of rodent waste.


House spiders are common across the county. Interactions with people often occur when spiders hiding in stored winter clothing are disturbed or trapped between clothes and skin.

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