2014 Orkin’s Tips for a Healthy Summer

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Three Tips to help Reduce Summer Pest Activity
Warm summer temperatures mean more outdoor activities and an increase in summer pests likemosquitoes, wasps and ants . You can help reduce pest activity by following these three tips.

  1. Empty any standing water from gutters, birdbaths or flower pots to help reduce mosquito activity.
  2. Keep food and drink containers covered while outdoors to help keep ants and wasps from getting into the containers.
  3. Thin vegetation from around the home to help reduce pest populations.
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Bug Wisdom
Bugs Share Life Lessons
At Orkin, we never stop learning. In our new "Bug Wisdom" video series, we're learning that the insects around us can teach us a lot about life. Check out the videoshere.

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CDC Shares Mosquito Safety Tips
Since 2004, Orkin and the CDC have collaborated to help educate people on some of the risks associated with mosquitoes. As we enter mosquito season, the CDC reminds everyone to help protect yourself and your family from mosquito bites. Remember to use insect repellent and to wear long sleeves and pants when mosquitoes are present.

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