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Help defend yourself from mosquitoes and learn about stingers.
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Just because the life cycle of a mosquito is only 7 to 16 days doesn't mean they can't cause you months of trouble. Find out where you're most likely to get bit. 

Top mosquito cities
Check out Orkin's top mosquito cities.
Anatomy of a stinger Anatomy of a Stinger You'd be hard-pressed to find someone with something good to say about getting stung. What makes it so painful, and what harm, if any, does it cause?
Take a closer look at how a stinger works.
Top 5 Mosquito-Repellent Plants

While proper soil, sun, and rain may be a gardener's best friends, the pests that attack during the warmer weather - like mosquitoes - are enemies gardeners try to avoid.

See the top 5 mosquito-repellent plants.
Mosquito repellant plants

Bioluminescence 101
Ever wonder how fireflies emit light?  

The Orkin Man explains it all.

Learn more  
Scientific Fact or Fake   InspectionMirror   Pests and travel
FACT OR FAKE? Do mosquitoes prefer Adults or Children?Find out here. INSPECTION MIRROR.

The original selfie stick? Nope. This mirror helps your Orkin Man find hard-to-reach pests.

PESTS & TRAVEL.   Check out Orkin's travel map to see which pests may be bugging you on vacation.See map.
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