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Orkin Names Top 50 Mosquito Cities


Every state in the U.S. has mosquitoes, but there are some cities where these pint-sized pests are a major problem. Find out which ones by clicking below.

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Orkin - Real Science. Real Results.

Inspiring Young Scientists.

Everything Orkin does starts with science. And America's future does, too. That's why we're proud to partner with DonorsChoose.org to fund projects at public schools across the nation.

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Taking Care of Ticks

Ticks may be common across the United States, but different regions will often have different species. Learning how to properly identify and avoid them is the best way to avoid the harmful diseases they may carry..

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Orkin - Real Science. Real Results.

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DIY Termite Inspection
Termites can be tricky to detect. Let The Orkin Man® show you how to identify signs of a termite problem.
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Mice and Cheese
Try Teamwork
See how a bunch of ants being really, really nice to one another can teach you that getting along can really get you places.
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