Bed Bugs in Offices

Bed bug infestations have been found throughout the country. Regardless of sanitation or income level, they have been reported in locations from homes to businesses. Bed bugs may also be found within offices if they are accidentally carried in on bags or other personal belongings.

Offices make a good environment for bed bugs since there always is the possibility that an employee, custodian or a visitor may bring bed bugs into the office. Once the bugs are in the office space, there are numerous cracks, gaps and hidden locations that make excellent bed bug harborage sites, plus the good conditions of suitable temperatures and humidity levels add to an already favorable place to live. In addition, if the office is not staffed after dark, the time when bed bugs normally attempt to feed, the office staff may not realize there is a bed bug problem until the population grows bigger and someone sees a hungry bed bug foraging around or biting someone during the day. Bed bugs are small, nocturnal insects that hide within tight spaces. If you are not able to locate the insects themselves, keep an eye out for black spots caused by bedbug fecal smears.

The most important thing you can do to reduce the chance of taking bed bugs home from the office is to immediately let a supervisor or manager know that bed bugs or other evidence of their presence was observed. By doing so, the office manager can contact the office’s pest management professional to inspect and prepare a bed bug control plan that helps control the bed bugs. Often times the office manager will be able to arrange an office worker’s bed bug infested dwelling to be treated by a pest management professional. Other important considerations include frequently checking for bed bugs around your space in the office and inspecting book bags, brief cases, jackets, take-home work or anything else that a bed bug might use to “hitchhike” back home with you.

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