Are Bed Bugs Microscopic?

bed bug in the palm of a hand

Secretive Bed Bugs

The bed bug is among the most dreaded indoor pests. Their bites occur late at night, leaving behind itchy rashes on sleeping people's faces, necks, and arms. However, some people do not react to the bites at all. Although bed bugs aren't known to spread disease, they can hole up for months in floorboards, furniture, and bed boards, causing psychological distress. These nocturnal habits and hiding skills make it easy to assume that, like some biting mites, the pests are too tiny to see.

Are Bed Bugs Microscopic?

picture of a bed bug measured next to a ruler

Although they can be as small as one-fourth inch long, adult bed bugs are not microscopic. They are visible with the naked eye and especially easy to spot after a meal when their abdomens swell up with blood. However, at about one millimeter in length, bed bug eggs are hard to see without magnification.

picture illustrating the size of a bed bug

Additional Issues

Because they are easily overlooked, bed bugs relocate simply by grabbing onto clothing or luggage and hanging there until brought to a new home. Apart from their bites, the most visible sign of their presence is the small blood and feces stains the pests leave on bedding. This is all the more reason to seek professional assistance in bed bug removal from trained Orkin technicians.