Carpet Beetle Larvae Around the House

Black, varied and furniture carpet beetle larvae migrate from room to room in search of food. As a result, an infestation can spread quickly throughout several areas within a home. Infestations are typically found near dead insects, debris from air ducts and animal skin or hairs. In addition to carpet, clothing and furniture, larvae may infest attics, basements and other dark or hidden areas. An infestation can be identified through discovery of damage to fabrics, shed skin, as well as visible larval movement.

Because carpet beetle larvae feed on lint, dust and animal hairs, strict housekeeping procedures may help to keep an infestation at bay. Dry cleaning is suggested, as carpet beetle larvae thrive on stained clothing. However, lint and dust deposits in air ducts and upholstered furniture are not easily removed. Larvae may thrive despite housekeeping efforts.

An infestation can be treated by chemical and nonchemical methods. Contact your local pest control professional to discuss extermination options.

carpet beetle image