Silverfish Nymph Facts

Female silverfish lay their eggs in hidden places around homes. These eggs typically hatch in about 20 to 40 days. Baby silverfish, or nymphs, in an ideal setting can mature in three months. In cool climates, full development into adults may take up to two years.

What Do Baby Silverfish Look Like?

Baby silverfish are only a fraction of an inch long and white in color. Nymphs hatch without scales, which develop after several months. Silverfish molt many times as they mature and grow. Nymphs feed on the same starchy and high-protein items as adult silverfish.

Silverfish Lifespan

The surrounding environment has a major influence on baby silverfish development. The insects mature quicker and live longer in warm temperatures. These pests prefer humid areas like laundry rooms with a temperature of 70 to 90 degrees. On average, silverfish live for about three years.

Managing Silverfish

Homeowners might not see baby silverfish or adults because the pests are nocturnal. Regular cleaning, fixing water leaks and humidity control will help keep these insects out of homes. Contact Orkin for help removing adult and baby silverfish.