Silverfish Egg & Larvae Facts

Female silverfish are capable of producing many eggs in their lifetime. The eggs are laid in groups of two or three a day or in clusters of 2 to 20, depending on species. They may be stored in a variety of areas throughout an infested home. Silverfish eggs are commonly placed inside tiny cracks or crevices, making them difficult to locate.

Silverfish eggs are elliptically shaped and measure approximately 1 mm in length. Initially soft and white, silverfish eggs toughen and yellow after a few hours.

Upon hatching, silverfish are white in color, although they develop to become silver or gray in adulthood. Silverfish emerge from the egg fully formed, but smaller than mature adults. Nymphs undergo several molts before realizing their full size, and silverfish continue to molt throughout their lives. A silverfish may experience over 50 molts during its life.

Although silverfish eggs are rarely visible to humans, it is imperative that they be included in any customized extermination plan. Home silverfish control methods often prove ineffective against silverfish eggs. Contact your local pest control professional if adult silverfish are seen within your home.