Silverfish Life Cycle

From egg to adult, the life cycle of silverfish ranges from three to four months. Depending upon climate conditions and species, eggs may hatch as early as 19 days or over 60 days after being deposited. Humid conditions are preferable, though silverfish can thrive in almost any environment. Female silverfish can produce 1 to 3 eggs per day or clusters of 2 to 20 and, unlike some other insects, silverfish can produce eggs year-round.

While silverfish do not procreate through direct fertilization, they do perform a mating dance comprised of three parts. First, the insects touch their antennae together. Second, the female flees. During the final stage, the male and female reunite and stand side by side while the male vibrates his tail. Males then deposit small packets of sperm known as spermatophores, which females take into themselves through their ovipositors.

Silverfish young are miniature versions of the adults when they emerge from the egg. They go through a number of molts during development to become full-sized adults. They continue to undergo molts throughout their adulthood.