Silverfish Facts & Information

Lespisma sacchrina, is a species of silverfish whose ancestors date back millions of  years. As such, silverfish are commonly referred to as the walking fossils of the insect world. Also known as fishmoths and urban silverfish, they are small insects that measure 12 to19 mm in length. They have six legs, are wingless and display brown or white-silver coloration. Young silverfish can be white in color. This insect's common name refers to its coloration; the scientific name refers to the silverfish's starch- and sugar-rich diet.

Silverfish can survive in many environments, although they prefer humid conditions. They are capable of surviving long periods of time without food. Because silverfish are nocturnal and secretive, they are sometimes very difficult to find. The presence of one silverfish commonly indicates a larger population exists within the home, so contact your local pest control professional to address an infestation.

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