How do Silverfish Get In Your Home?

Where Do Silverfish Come From in Homes?

Silverfish sometimes make their way indoors in search of food. However, people may also bring silverfish inside by mistake. The pests can be taken indoors with infested dry food products, boxes of books or paper, fabrics and other items that have a high starch and sugar content. Residents who mistakenly buy infested items can carry the insects indoors.

silverfish illustration

How Do Silverfish Infestations Spread?

Often, silverfish come from other areas in the home to feed on the contents of cupboards, bookshelves, and closets. While they may infest cool areas if there is food nearby, the insects prefer warm, dark locations. Damp basements, leaks in attics, and humid bathrooms or laundry rooms are ideal, as higher temperatures speed up the silverfish breeding cycle.

Handling Infestations

Removal is difficult because silverfish hide out in small cracks and crevices and are active at night while searching for food and water. The pests can also go dormant and live without food for long periods, so infestations may appear to be solved, but the population is actually in a period of little or no activity. Homeowners who see these insects or find silverfish damage can call Orkin for expert control and removal.