Bug Bombs For Spiders

Do Bug Bombs for Spiders Work?

Bug bombs have an impressive-sounding name that seems to promise total removal of offending pests, but the truth is underwhelming. Store-bought spider foggers come up short in several areas:

  • The majority of the mist ends up falling on floors and countertops.
  • It rarely penetrates the hidden crevices where spiders live.
  • The active ingredient used in most bug bombs doesn't work on arachnids.

Dangers of Bug Bombs

This type of remedy is not only ineffective, but can have unforeseen consequences. Users need to be aware that bug bombs for spiders primarily contain repellents, meaning they will likely drive pests to other parts of the house instead of killing them.

Residue around the home can also prompt asthmatic symptoms, and flammable aerosol propellants come with a risk of fire or explosion.

Spider Prevention

Eliminating hiding places for spiders can reduce their numbers. Tips include:

  • Reducing clutter in storage areas like basements, garages, and sheds
  • Storing boxes off the floor and taping them shut
  • Sweeping corners, under furniture, and along baseboards
  • Checking plants and firewood thoroughly before bringing them indoors

For complete spider removal and prevention, contact the pest control experts at Orkin.