Flower Crab Spiders

Flower crab spiders belong to the Family Thomisidae. Flower crab spiders tend to have smooth, shiny bodies with petite, uneven legs. Their bodies are round, with shortened bellies and bright coloration.

This vivid coloration allows them to blend in with local flora in order ambush unsuspecting prey. Flower crab spiders paralyze their prey with venom. As with most other spiders, the digestive enzymes present in the flower crab spider's saliva liquefy the internal organs of immobilized prey, allowing for easy consumption.

Some flower crab spiders are capable of resembling particular flowers or plants that attract their preferred prey. The white crab spider features markings along the abdomen that are identical to the buds of a flower. Goldenrod crab spiders typically attack pollinating insects such as bees and wasps. As such, females are capable of changing color from orange to white in order to blend in with varying pollen-producing plants.