Garden Spider Web

Garden Web Illustration Garden Spider

Web Illustration

All garden spider species spin webs that follow specific, orb patterns. Garden spider webs have features that are not often seen in the webs of other spiders. These webs are generally constructed in open areas, allowing for easy capture of flying insects. As such, they are commonly visible to humans. People may find these webs in trees and shrubs near their home.

Garden spiders spin their webs using silk from their spinnerets. The support lines of the web are first attached to surfaces such as branches, plant stalks or walls. This provides the web with a solid base. Following completion, garden spiders hang upside down from the center of their webs to wait for prey.

Garden Spider Intricate Web Garden Spider’s

Intricate Web

Garden spider webs are incredibly strong. In addition to capturing and supporting prey, they are also used to house egg sacs, each of which may contain hundreds of eggs. In terms of relative tension, it requires more strength to break a strand of a garden spider's web than it does to break steel.