House Spider Prevention Tips

Seal Exterior Cracks

Prevention methods begin with exclusion. Windows and doors should be tightly fitted and any cracks or gaps around the exterior should be sealed.

Remove Webs

Webs should be removed when seen to eliminate the eyesore and to discourage the spiders from building.

house spiders

Identifying Points of Entry

The first step in controlling house spider populations is locating possible entry points. They often enter through gaps around windows and doors. Sealing these openings is critical to reduce possible future house spider invasions.

Windows & Doors - Window and door screens can prevent the entry of other insect pests, and the use of door sweeps is suggested.

Cracks in Walls - Cracks and other voids within walls and foundations should be sealed with caulking.

Clean Up - Following exclusion, homeowners may choose to vacuum to remove webs and egg sacs. Outside, webs can be knocked down.