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New facility scheduled to open in February 2006 ATLANTA, Nov. 22, 2005—Rollins, Inc. (NYSE:ROL), a premier North American consumer services company and parent of pest control provider Orkin, Inc., broke ground today on a new location for its Rollins Customer … Continue reading

Hospitals for a Healthy Environment (H2E) Points Health Care Providers to Orkin Orkin’s Gold Medal Protection Service Helps “Improve Environmental Management and Performance” ATLANTA, Oct. 30, 2005 – Atlanta-based pest control company Orkin, Inc. has been recognized by Hospitals for … Continue reading

Orkin Termite Training Facility To Be Constructed At UF’S Mid-Florida Research and Education Center in Apopka APOPKA, Fla., Oct. 3, 2005 – The O. Wayne Rollins Foundation in Atlanta has pledged $150,000 to the University of Florida’s Institute of Food … Continue reading

Pest Control Company Reaches Out to Employees and Other Victims ATLANTA, Sept. 9, 2005 – Orkin, Inc., the 104-year-old pest control company, is donating its time and services to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina. With 227 affected employees and eight … Continue reading

Fire Ants Are Aggressive Pests Named for Their Fiery Stings. (NAPS)—Despite their size (1/8″ to 3/8″ long), fire ants are dangerous pests. Americans spend approximately $6 billion annually on control measures, medical treatments and damages related to fire ants, according … Continue reading

New research provides more reasons to hate—and “love”—cockroaches. (NAPS)—After crawling the planet for more than 350 million years, cockroaches have proven to be one of the world’s hardiest household pests. While cockroaches have long been known to carry disease-causing germs, … Continue reading

A pest management professional canhelp reduce the danger of pests like thedeer mouse, which can transmit hantavirus. (Photo courtesy of CDC.) (NAPS)—Native insects, spiders and even rodents play a vital role in the environment. Certain pests, however, can be hazardous … Continue reading

Take preventative measures to protect yourself from mosquito-borne diseases. (photo courtesy of CDC) (NAPS)—As the cold weather slowly escapes, we find ourselves looking for more reasons to bask and play outdoors. But be advised: spending time outdoors may come with … Continue reading

Weather, temperature and landscaping affect pest activity in and around your home. (NAPS)—Spring weather can bring rain showers and flowers, but it can also invite termites, ants and other pests to your homes and yards. Education is key to understanding … Continue reading

Bed Bugs Continue to Dwell in Homes, Hotels and Even Cruise Lines. (NAPS)—You fall into bed after a long day, looking forward to a good night’s sleep. But while you dream, bed bugs become active, crawling out of crevices in … Continue reading

Schedule an Annual Inspection to Prevent Termite Infestation. (NAPS)—Termites are among the most ancient of pests, surviving for more than 250 million years. Since termites aren’t going anywhere, it is important for homeowners to know about these silent invaders and … Continue reading

Atlanta-based Orkin, Inc. was recognized by Training magazine as part of its prestigious Top 100 list, which was announced at Training’s annual awards banquet last night. Orkin ranked No. 57th. This is the third straight year the company has been … Continue reading

Orkin, Inc. Donates Pest Control Services to Family In Need for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Popular ABC-TV Hit Series Works with Pest Control Company to Surprise Lucky Family After a successful and emotional first season of providing happiness to several … Continue reading