Ants & Cockroaches Active Pest : Tips & Advice from Orkin Man

Ants and Cockroaches Crawl to the Top of the “Most Active Household Pests” List

Even as bed bug activity increases across the nation, ants and cockroaches still top the “most active household pests” list during warmer months.

“Many homeowners consider ants and cockroaches nuisance pests, but they also can cause health issues or damage buildings,” said Ron Harrison, Ph.D., technical director for Orkin, Inc. “Because associated risks vary by species, correct identification is crucial to protecting loved ones and homes against pests.”

Approximately 50 ant species infest U.S. homes, and some can contaminate food, sting or cause structural damage. Pharaoh ants can transmit disease organisms anywhere food is prepared. Red imported fire ants repeatedly sting anything they perceive to be threatening, causing blistering, painful pustules and even death. Carpenter ants excavate wood for their nests within the walls of decks or homes, causing severe damage and leaving trails of sawdust.

German, American and Oriental cockroaches, all active during warmer months, can spread disease-causing germs, contaminate food and cause allergies — even asthma.

To prevent infestations, Harrison recommends homeowners:

  • Clean up spilled food and drinks quickly
  • Seal any entry points around windows and doorways.
  • Remove clutter, such as boxes and newspapers.

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Certain species of ants, best identified by a professional, can pose serious threats to your health and home.