Orkin Announces Replacement for Ford Ranger

Rollins chooses the Toyota Tacoma

Rollins Inc., a nationwide consumer services company (NYSE: ROL), announced today that the company has chosen the Toyota Tacoma to replace its fleet of Ford Rangers.

“We researched every small truck on the market,” said Paul Youngpeter, Rollins’ director of fleet. “The Tacoma is our best option because it fits our needs and is the best value.”

Other vehicles Rollins considered were the Nissan Frontier, Ford F-150 and the Ford Transit Connect.

The Toyota Tacoma is manufactured in San Antonio, Texas.

The Rollins pest control brands that currently use Rangers will begin to phase out their Rangers and transition to the Tacoma regular cab 4x2. Before being delivered, Tacomas will go to an upfitter to be decaled with the Orkin diamond and have GPS units installed. Branches will start getting the Tacomas delivered in January 2013, and it will take until 2015 to complete the transition. Orkin plans to lease a total of about 5,000 Tacomas. Current Rangers will be sold as their lease term expires.

After 30 years in production, Ford discontinued the Ranger in the United States in December 2011. Orkin has used the Ranger as its primary fleet vehicle since 1983. The last Ranger produced in the United States at the Twin Cities, Minn. plant, was given to Orkin’s Newbern, N.C., branch to be used as a service vehicle for a short time, and then it will be housed in the corporate archives in Atlanta.