Mice Under House

image of house mouse

Signs of Mice Under the House

Getting rid of a mouse under the house can be tough. To start, residents should look for signs like runways in lawns and oily smudge marks on foundations. Tufts of fur snagged on wood or fresh droppings near pipes and wiring leading outdoors may indicate the pests' entry point.

Damage like gnaw marks or holes chewed in flooring or baseboards are also signs of mouse activity. Squeaking or scratching noises in walls or beneath floorboards, especially combined with odd behavior from dogs or cats, is a strong indicator of mice under the house.

Trapping & Removal

When removing rodents, it is crucial to make sure that the house is empty of all pests before repairing outside entry points. Without getting rid of the mice under the house first, babies inside a nest or adult rodents may remain trapped inside.

Complete mouse removal can be difficult without help if the mouse population is large and well established. Traps can be effective but often take time to work. The trained experts at Orkin have safe, efficient methods to get rid of mice under a house.