Mouse Identification

Although a number of mouse species dwell outside, several have become household pests. The meadow mouse, house mouse and deer mouse all nest within human homes. Of these, the house mouse is the most common.

House mice can survive in the presence of very little water and reduced food supplies. Typically entering a home through openings within the walls and floors, house mice are capable of passing through holes as small as 2 cm in diameter. They may use horizontal wires to move throughout a structure and can jump several centimeters. House mice are very fast runners.

House mice prefer grains but will feed on whatever is available to them. These rodents can be disease carriers and cause destruction to homes and food supplies. After locating the entry and nesting points for house mice, they should be plugged with cement or other permanent material to prevent further infestation.

Prior to administering any pest control treatment, it is important to properly identify the species. Pest control professionals perform thorough inspections and are trained to recognize infestations and implement the most effective extermination or treatment strategy for your problem population.