Roof Rat Bait

Nontoxic baits or attractants are intended to attract rats to a trap. Rats are shy and avoid new things. They will avoid traps unless there is something very attractive on the trap. Roof rats may be attracted to simple food scraps. Pieces of fruit and bacon are particularly effective in drawing roof rats toward traps. In addition, try putting the attractant out for a few days before setting the trap. This will get the rat used to eating at that location. Peanut butter should never be used as an attractant, since some people can have allergic reactions to the presence of peanuts.

Toxic baits or rodenticides are intended to kill the rats when they eat the bait. Rodenticides are potentially harmful to nontargets such as people or pets if not applied correctly. It is advisable that anyone considering the use of these toxic baits first consult a pest control professional.