What Do Hornets Eat?

Worker hornets often feed on sugary liquids such as nectar or juices. They can be found on fallen fruit or even open containers of soda. Open sodas and drinks in cans or other nontransparent containers make it difficult to spot a wasp or hornet that may have crawled into a drink. For this reason, drinks should be poured into transparent glasses or plastic cups to help spot hornets when outdoors.

Hornets also can be predaceous and feed on other insects as well as scavenge from carrion . They bring these protein sources back to the nest and use them to feed their larvae. Through their actions of consuming pest insects, they can be beneficial to people. They also can be found in dumpsters or around trash cans where they scavenge for meat. Trash cans and dumpsters should be emptied regularly and maintained with secured lids.