Red Claw Scorpions

The red claw scorpion (Pandinus cavimanus) is also known as the Tanzanian red claw.

Red claw scorpions are sometimes kept as pets, but beginners be warned. Unlike emperor scorpions, which are nonaggressive, red claw scorpions can be more easily agitated and are not recommended for novices. The red claw scorpion’s sting is reported to be similar in intensity to the sting of a bee.

The red claw scorpion's natural habitat is the humid forest floor of the African tropical rainforest. They choose prey such as insects, frogs, small mice and other rodents. They do not use their stings to capture prey; they only use them for defense.

Breeding of red claw scorpions can be very hard. Rarely do they have a suitable mating partner, and the most likely result is that they might fight each other to the death.

Red claw scorpions usually stay in an area where the humidity and temperature is 75 to 80 percent humid. Ideal temperatures are usually 70 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is measured at around 10 to 12.5 cm inches long.