Termite Infestation: Carpet Infestation

Although they are most commonly known for their wood-eating habits, termites are capable of damaging other noncellulose-based materials, such as carpeting. They may simply be scouting for other food sources, but the results are visible holes in the carpeting.

In late spring and early summer, termites participate in swarms wherein winged male and female reproductives mate and go on to form new colonies. Following these mating swarms, winged termites shed their wings. These wings can be found in piles throughout an infested home and are sure signs of an infestation. Termite wings are clear and appear similar to fish scales.

Other signs of termite infestation depend on species but may include sagging walls, loose plaster, piles of plaster or wood dust and stuck doors or windows. By the time a termite infestation becomes obvious, it is oftentimes full-blown. If you suspect an infestation in any area of your home, contact a local pest control professional to schedule an inspection.

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