Sand Termite Barriers

Most subterranean termites favor loose, moist soil from which workers construct protective mud tunnels to access above-ground food sources. However, there are several species of subterranean termite that prefer sand over other types of soil. These termites pose a particular threat to houses, which they may enter through garages, foundations and poorly fitted pipes and insulation.

Sand termite barriers can be erected to protect houses from these insects. Sand termite barriers can be made from uniform sand particles of an approximate 16 grit size. The barrier can be poured to a depth of four inches or more around the foundation. The sand barrier also should extend at least 20 inches from the foundation. These barriers are not 100 percent effective at keeping out termites. Other barriers such as termiticide barriers can be applied to not only prevent but kill termite colonies. To create a barrier to protect your home from termites contact pest control professionals to avoid damage to foundations and to ensure that beach homes are efficiently protected.

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