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Bed Bugs in Clothing

Question: So I had the Orkin Man to my apartment on Saturday and they determined we have bed bugs. I am currently scheduling an appointment to have this problem taken care of. I have followed the preparation sheet but there is no information concerning the clothes in the bedroom. I was told to move everything away from walls and vacuum and to box up any clutter. What do I do with the clothes?? Do they remain in the room? And if so should they be boxed/bagged?? Or do I remove them from the room?

Answer: To reduce the potential for bed bug infested clothes re-infesting the room, it is best if you remove the clothes and wash them all…or dry clean…if washing, use hot water and use high heat in the dryer.

Question: I have bed bugs! I don”t believe I have an infestation, and my furniture and apartment have been sprayed multiple times, but I am throwing much of my furniture out anyway, and moving out.

My question is this—I need to wash all of my clothing so that I can take them with me without the risk of bringing the bed bugs. How can I do that? I know they need very hot water. Will a normal wash and dry at a laundromat do? Is there any way to treat (spray, fumigate…) the clothes before washing them?

ANSWER: Regular washing and drying of the clothes at high temperatures will be fine, no treatment of clothing is needed.


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