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How to Have a Pest-Free Party

The key to throwing a good party is ensuring no unwanted guests crash your event. Obnoxious guests like pests or rodents can quickly ruin a good time. Don't worry. We have tips to ensure uninvited guests stay out and away from the snack table. With the proper preventative measures, you can:

  • Create a pest-free outdoor environment for your guests to mingle.

  • Safeguard your guests from being pestered by bugs. 

  • Keep your food and drinks safe from insects and vermin. 

Whether you're having a Super Bowl party, birthday party, New Year's Eve party or a dinner party, learn how to throw a pest-free event that everyone can enjoy.  

Keeping Out Unwanted Pests

Preparing to throw a party means ensuring no unwanted guests of the pest variety show up in or around your home. Between creating a playlist and putting up decorations, you should also take a few preventative measures to keep pests away from the party. Bugs like ants are attracted to food crumbs, spills, and unattended garbage. Begin by cleaning your home a few days before the event. Preparing in advance also gives you a chance to call an exterminator if there is an infestation. Take the following steps to prep your home for a party and prevent pests:

1. Pre-Party Cleaning for Pests

Vacuum carpets and rugs, wipe down surfaces, and ensure that all trash bins are empty and sealed tightly. Make sure to get those hard-to-reach corners with the vacuum, like under the couch and bed. 

2. Ensure Your Home is Sealed

In some cases, keeping a clean home isn't enough to prevent stubborn pests like ants, cockroaches, and rodents from entering. Bugs and rodents often find their way through small gaps and cracks. You can help keep these pests out by sealing any potential entryways into your home. Inspect your doors, windows, and foundations for any small cracks or openings where pests can make their way in. Use caulk, weather-stripping, or mesh screens to seal them.

3. Proper Storage for Food and Trash

Pests are always looking for shelter and food, which makes the kitchen a haven for these uninvited guests. Some common kitchen pests may include gnatsfliesroaches or rodents. Hence, proper storage is crucial. Use airtight containers for food storage and put any leftover food away immediately. You'll also want to tightly seal outdoor trash cans and dispose of garbage regularly so as not to attract any unwanted guests. 

Creating a Pest-Free Outdoor Space

If you're hosting your party outside, you'll want to help protect your guests from getting bit by mosquitoes. Here's how you can keep these pests from invading your guest's personal space:

1. Clean Your Outdoor Space

Ensure your outdoor area is clean and tidy before the big day. Remove trash, debris like dead leaves, and standing water that could attract pests.

2. Trim Vegetation and Clear Debris

Overgrown plants and plant debris can provide shelter for bugs and rodents. Trim shrubs, trees, and bushes to prevent debris. You'll also want to clear any leaves or debris falling on the ground around your home. 

3. Eliminate Standing Water

Standing water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests. Check your yard for water accumulation and empty it regularly.

Keeping Your Guests Safe from Pests

Here are some effective tips to protect your guests from pesky insects during the party:

  1. Have insect repellent available: It may not be the most festive party favor, but bug repellent will be a hit amongst guests who plan to mingle outside. 

  2. Use screens or netting to deter bugs: Consider setting up screens or netting around seating and food areas placed outside. This will act as a barrier against bugs.

  3. Educate guests on pest prevention: It's important to inform them of pest prevention measures. Remind them to cover food when not being served, dispose of trash properly, and avoid leaving standing water around.

  4. Have a designated area for storing belongings: Whether your guests need a place for gifts, jackets, or bags – it's important to have a set area to store belongings. This will help prevent hitchhiking bugs from being brought into your home, like bed bugs

  5. Keep doors closed: Small critters, like mice and cockroaches, can easily crawl right into the home with the door wide open. Encourage guests to close the door as they enter and exit the party. 

How to Clean up After the Party

Before heading to bed, prevent pests from throwing an after-party in your kitchen by taking the following steps for clean up: 

  1. Clear all dishes, cups, and utensils from the party area and wash them thoroughly.

  2. Wipe down surfaces, including countertops, tables, and furniture, using a disinfectant cleaner to remove any food residue or spills.

  3. Sweep or vacuum the floors to pick up crumbs or debris. Pay special attention to areas where food was served or consumed.

  4. Address any spills or stains on carpets or rugs. Use appropriate cleaning products or consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner if necessary.

  5. Finally, empty and clean out any trash cans or bins used during the party.

During cleanup, inspect for any signs of pest activity. If you notice any signs of rodents or bugs, contact your local pest control professional at Orkin. We'll inspect your home thoroughly and create a customized plan to eliminate any pests so you're free to party without them.

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