Orkin Customer Reviews

Recent Testimonials from Our Customers

Summer 2015

Rants & Raves in the Augusta Chronicle

“Huge rave to The Orkin Man [Ed Fallow, Branch #242, Augusta, Ga.] who not only stopped his vehicle for the funeral procession on Belair Road Saturday, but also stood outside his truck as the whole procession passed. I was very moved by the respect you showed, and Orkin should be proud of this employee.”

16-Year-Old Problem Solved

Kathy, VP of Retail Services at Midcoast Federal Credit Union, sent the following email: “I am writing to let you know how wonderful our service has been with your company, and in particular, how superb your service technician has been to work with!

“We’ve had a terrible any problem in our building for the past 16 years, since it was first built. You name the product, and we probably tried it to get rid of the ants. Last year, we interviewed three different pest control companies to see which one we want to go with to finally (hopefully) be rid of the ants. We selected Orkin, and it was one of the best decisions we’ve made!

“The other companies seemed good, but the way your representative, Doug Morse (Branch #989 Portland, Maine), presented himself and explained what we would do, won us over. Your company wasn’t the least expensive, but we were making the decision based on what we heard and that we had had it with the ants! Doug represented your company with professionalism and knowledge. He was sincere and straightforward about what he could do.

“Ever since that time, Doug has faithfully come by the office every month to set traps and spray. We hardly even know he is here. He does his job professionally and is as quiet as a mouse, and he is very observant. We installed a coffee bar a month ago, and on Doug’s following visit, he saw it and installed a sticky trap knowing there was a strong likelihood the sugar would get spilled!

“Thank you for hiring and training such wonderful service professionals. They are the heart of your business. We have not seen even one ant since we hired Orkin. Keep up the good work!”

Excellent Records

Neela, technical manager at Solvay, writes, “I wanted to extend my gratitude for outstanding pest control service to our plant in Spartanburg, S.C. We recently had a very detailed GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) customer audit and were complimented on our pest control records, checks, certification records and periodic walk-throughs. Mark Radlein (Branch #404 Greenville, S.C.) has been great to work with, and we are lucky to have him as our main contact. He has offered very helpful suggestions and made progress in addressing issues in our plant. Please keep up the good service.”

What a Gem!

Nicholas sent the following email: “I had the pleasure of interacting with your employee, Matt Keach (Branch #842 Bay Termite Service Center). I contacted Orkin for a free termite inspection for my home in Carmichael, Calif. I have to say I’ve had numerous contractors provide services at this address, and Matt was BY FAR the most helpful, courteous, informative and professional contractor who paid a visit. Matt exuded and exemplified absolute care, which is rare this day in age. He was very personable and provided a wealth of information to assess and address any pest issues I might encounter.

“I rarely ask for a manager’s email address, and I have to say it’s unfortunate that most of the time it’s to pass along constructive feedback. I’m pleased to send you this kudos email on Matt’s behalf. It takes a lot to impress me when it comes to customer service, and it’s becoming more rare these days to compel me to send commendation on an employee’s behalf. Please pass along my delight to Matt; he’s a gem!”

Extra Effort

Brad sent the following letter: “I wanted to share appreciation for the efforts made by Bruce Labonte (Branch #990 Pittsfield, Mass.) who services my home. While on his routine monthly visit, Bruce realized the house felt a bit cold. He checked the thermostats and noticed that the interior temperature was below 50 degrees. Bruce took the time to call our caretaker and leave a message with his concern that the heat might be off. He them called my home in Connecticut and left another message. I called him back, and he let me know there was likely no heat on and that it was forecast to be sub-zero over the next few days.

“The oil company came and filled the tank. Within hours, the house was back above 60 degrees. When I woke up this morning, the exterior temperature was -10 degrees. If Bruce hadn’t alerted us, I’m sure we would have had some pipes bursting before long.

“It may not seem like a lot, but in this day and age when everyone minds their own business, it’s nice to know that folks like Bruce take the time to make the extra effort. We are thankful for him and his efforts.”

Excellent Service

Jeanie and Dodge wrote, “We are extremely pleased with your services. Justin White (Branch #444 Hampton, Va.) just came to deliver our quarterly service. He took a lot of time to address our concerns and to correct any problems. All of our concerns have been successfully resolved. Justin is awesome. We also appreciate how easy it was to reschedule our previously scheduled appointment when we were out of town.”

Kudos to Technician

Tracey sent the following email: “It’s very rare these days to get such excellent quality service, so I am doing something I almost never have an opportunity to do: tell you of the great experience it was to have your service technician Simon Grande (Branch #820 Dallas/Ft. Worth TC) at my property. He was very professional and polite. He took the time to look at my property with me to determine what needed to be done and explained what he was going to do before he did it. He answered all my questions without hesitation. He told me he has been doing this for a while and it shows. He was very knowledgeable and efficient and was very pleasant to work with. You can certainly attribute his professionalism and expertise to the positive view I now have for Orkin and your services, and I will most definitely recommend you to others based on that experience. I believe he is a valuable asset to your organization, and I would be happy to have him come back for future service calls. Thank you for your time and wonderful service.”

Job Well Done

Keith from the Saline County Housing Authority wrote the following letter: “I would like to compliment your company and your technician, Keith Atchison (Branch #592 Marion, Ill.). In December 2014, the Housing Authority had a bad roach problem that was getting worse by the day. We just had our REAC inspections last week that are done by HUD, and I did not see one roach. That is amazing! This turnaround was done in a relatively short amount of time. I feel that this is due to using the correct baits and insecticides and more importantly, the attention to details and perseverance of the technician who is doing the job. Everybody wants to complain about all of the bad things and how things don’t work, but I think it’s more important to extenuate the good things and the good jobs. I was very skeptical as to whether the roach problem could be taken care of at all. We have used several other extermination companies in the past and have not had any success. Orkin has shown me that it can be done. Please keep up the good work, and make sure Keith gets the credit he deserves.”

Satisfied Customer

Carolyn, director at New Beginnings Youth Shelter, writes, “I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Victor Erickson, our Orkin service tech, and Jeff Richey, our sales rep (Branch #131 Hudson, Fla.). They both are very professional, helpful with any questions we have and provide better pest control service than anyone we have used in my two years here. As managers, we often only get the complaints, and since both guys were here this week, they were on my mind, and I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with them.”

Spreading the Word

Bill sent the following email: “We emailed Orkin this morning, and you responded so promptly! And, you sent a very professional and nice technician out to our home, Tyler Swenson (Branch #609 Eau Claire, Wis.). It was a great experience and we feel that our rodent problem will be resolved as well as any other pest/insect problems we may have in the future.

“We were so impressed that we sent an email to all our neighbors in our Association regarding Orkin and your excellent service! I hope you get some additional business.

“Also, we were very impressed with Tyler. He is a very nice guy and very, very knowledgeable.”

More than Just Service

Janet sent the following email: “I have had Orkin service continuously for 7 years now. The technicians that have serviced our house have ALWAYS been very polite and have made sure their service was satisfactory before leaving our house.

“Thomas Johnson (Branch #877 North Houston) is currently our technician, and I just wanted to let you know that he has been all of the above and more. He always calls a day or so ahead of time to let us know when he will be by AND if he is going to be a few minutes early or late. He always leaves me traps for the garage and a receipt in a dry place by our door if we are not home. He always closes the back gate if I have to leave it unlocked for him. He is always cheerful and considerate! When my son was in the hospital, he called to let us know he would be by to service our house. When I told him we wouldn't be home and why, he said he would spray the outside AND remember our son in a prayer. That meant a lot! Nowadays, those "little" things don't exist from companies that render service to the public and it's wonderful to know we aren't just ‘a customer that has to be sprayed’ today.

“Thank You for having Thomas Johnson part of your company!”

Water Saver

Annalee wrote, “I wish to commend Travis Hack (Branch #380 North Louisville) for going beyond his normal job when he serviced my house. When he went in, he heard water running. Knowing I don’t live there on a regular basis, he tracked down where the water was coming from. He discovered two leaks under the house. He called me and informed me of the situation, and then proceeded to turn off the water at the meter.

“He saved me a huge water bill. If he had not turned off the water, it would have run for days. Again, a HUGE thank you to Travis.”

A Little More at Ease

Elizabeth wrote the following email: “Jason Meegan (Branch #502 Aurora, Ill.) came to inspect our home today for mice. He was extremely knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I have never dealt with a mouse issue before and was very concerned and worked up about the thought of mice running around my home where my two babies play. Jason was very calm and assured me that this happens and that he was taking the correct measures to get rid of the problem. He explained everything he was going to do before he did it and informed us when he found droppings, holes, etc.

“I was a mess before Jason arrived, and when he left I felt much more relaxed. I can't thank him enough for making me feel at ease about a situation that really had me worried.”

Good First Impression

Tammy writes, “I am reaching out to you today as a new customer. We have an ant issue in our workspace so I called Orkin to see if we could get the issue resolved. Beginning with the initial phone call, my experience has been outstanding.

They say ‘you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.’ I am writing to tell you that not only did Jeff White (Branch #427 Nashville Commercial) make a great first impression, but during the course of our appointment, he built a long lasting relationship. He was polite, professional, knowledgeable and thorough. We discussed ways the ants could be entering our building, he did a walk-through of our office space and asked if he could come back with a proposal.

“When Jeff came back, he had everything ready, explained the services Orkin was proposing, we signed the agreement and he left.

“Professionalism and customer service seem to be a lost art in today’s world of business. Perhaps because so much is done online or remotely. Whatever the case may be, Orkin obviously believes customer service and professionalism is still the way to do business.

“I want to thank you for having people like Jeff represent your company. Clearly, Jeff cares and believes in the company he represents, but more importantly, he cares about the people he serves.

“Thank you again, and I look forward to working with Orkin in the future.”

In Good Hands

Deborah sent the following email: “I have my own service company and I know two things: good people are hard to find, and it's really great to hear nice things about the people you hire.

“Trevor Royal (Branch #996 Burlington, Vt.) has so many outstanding qualities, I won't rant too much, but I do want you to know how much I appreciate him. He is very considerate, very thorough, a great communicator, he always tells me what he is going to do, then does it, then tells me what the results were of his work, and my dog loves him. (She is a guard dog so she does not just love anyone!)

“Last fall, I was having horrible issues with mice. They were in my walls, waking me up in the middle of the night, driving me nuts. They were in the kitchen, everywhere there were mouse droppings; it was horrible. One visit I think 17 dead mice were removed - UGH! Thanks to a lot of diligence and closing all the possible entry points, I have not heard anyone in the walls this year.

“I am immensely pleased with the service Trevor provides, and if I could, I would give him a raise. He is so polite and thoughtful, I wish more people were like him. I enjoy working with him very much and look forward to his visits. I know he cares about doing a great job and making me happy by not having any mice in my life. He knows what he is doing and has made my house mouse free and that has not been an easy task.

“Trevor is awesome, and I feel very confident that as long as he is my Orkin guy, I'm in good hands!”

Bug-free Again

Maria sent the following email: “Thank you so much for your assistance on our account. Ken Smith (Branch #387 Northeast Chicago Commercial) came two weeks ago and found the ‘Mecca’ as he puts it, behind the dishwasher. It was amazing what he found. They were living behind the broken tiles. Immediately after he sprayed, my guys patched the wall and cemented it shut, then painted over it. We have not had a single one in the building since. I am so happy. I knew you guys could take us back to zero like you did so many years ago. Your persistence was worthwhile, and the best thing Lindsay Parsill could have told me was to call every single time I saw one, and that is what I did.”

More Jims!

J. Carey wrote the following letter: “I own several restaurants in the Panama City area. One of them is an independent location. The building is old, but it is a legacy-type restaurant for our area.

“Your associate, Jim Wichterman (Branch #230 Panama City, Fla.), has gone over and above in his service to us. Sir, I mean out of sight. Please accept my congratulations on having Jim on your team. He is an asset to your organization.

“As I am certain you know, having great folks like Jim on the ground is invaluable. I wish I could find more Jims; I would hire them all.”

Taking Care

Amy writes in an email: Approximately a month ago I called our Orkin Home office and spoke with Sherry, the manager for the branch. I called to tell her what an amazing employee she has in Joseph Craven (Branch #168, Alpharetta, GA).

Joe has gone above and beyond on numerous occasions to make sure our home is taken care of to the best of his ability.

Joe is a nice man… a truly genuine individual.

He is always nice and courteous. I have two sons with Autism. He makes a point to speak to them and wait for their response. At the end of 2013 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Joe asked about me each time he visited our house and when I was bedridden, he made a point to come and say “hello.”

Joe delivers a Christmas card personally every year! Now we get our service every other month…this year I believe he delivered our card in November! He knew that he would not see us in December. Now that speaks to his big heart and his organizational skills! At that time, I hadn’t even started thinking of Christmas.

Joe sees a job through to the end and insures that it is done right. Not long ago, I heard noises in the attic. Joe came out and he found that we had flying squirrels in the attic. Oh my word, it was awful. Joe put us in touch with the division with your company that handles this. He made sure we were treated fairly, that it was handled quickly and that the job was done right. He could have easily just passed the buck, passed us on and let our issue become a distant memory, but he didn’t. That is just not in his character.

He is truly a man that lives by, “my word is my bond.” That is rare nowadays, very rare! Working for a company today…well many employees are not “Joes” and Orkin is beyond blessed to have him in their midst!!!

100% Awesome

The manager at Lu-Josa Enterprises, LLC wrote: Obed Vasquez (Branch 686, Houston, TX), our Orkin tech makes us feel like we totally have the best exterminator in Texas. Always clean and smelling good, very knowledgeable on a wide range of pest (we make a list of questions for him to ask when he comes). We feel like he actually cares about us as his customer and he actually took the trash out for me on his last visit. 100% awesome. Thanks Orkin...

20 Years of Excellence

Lois writes in an email to Gabe’s account manager: Gabe Berkovich (Branch 662, Seattle, WA) has serviced the pest control needs of our center since our contract began approximately 20 years ago. Gabe is always on time for his appointments. If an emergency arises, he is very accommodating and is clear with his availability. He is courteous, professional, straight forward and very patient with us. He takes the time to figure out what is the best solution for our environment. He is always cognizant of the children and arrives at times that provide the least amount of classroom disturbance.

Gabe’s performance is a credit to the Orkin Corporation. So many times individuals write to complain, but I wanted you to know how much I appreciate his service.

Spring 2015

Confident in Orkin

Joyce writes, “I consider Kelly Jones (Branch #148 Winter Haven, Fla.) one of the best Orkin has to offer. She is friendly, hard-working and very aware of an Orkin customer’s needs. I feel completely confident that after a service call, I will see no roaches alive around my home. I have been an Orkin customer for about 40 years.”

Thanks a Million

Jack sent the following letter: “Dear Suzanne Chabek and Michael Crisp (Branch #392, Anderson, S.C.), Thanks a million for your assistance. You made it possible for us to have a fantastic Thanksgiving celebration. The weather was beautiful, and the house looked good after a thorough cleaning. There were a few dead wasps near the fireplace in the front bedroom when I arrived, but I saw no wasps flying inside. Thanks again for your help!”

Grateful National Account

Gayle with Vanderbilt Hospital Pharmacy writes, “I just wanted to take a moment to say how grateful I am we have Gene [William] Rymer (Branch #436 Nashville) here at Vanderbilt Hospital. Only once (that I am aware of) did we have mice issues here in the basement and Gene came right away to take care of the problem. Gene set out traps that he continually checks, just to make sure the problem stays gone. I am not a fan of rodents, and it’s incredibly comforting to see him quietly walk in, check the traps, make sure we are not having any issues then move on to his next adventure. It’s very reassuring to know that if the need arises, Gene is only a phone call away and can be here before the screaming ceases. We are glad Gene is here.”

You Get What You Pay For

Joshua wrote the following letter: “I wanted to take this opportunity to praise one of your exterminators, Mr. Ray Griffith (Branch #206 Gulfport, Miss.), for a fantastic job well done. I’m new to the MS Gulf Coast area and have found many service providers to be quite unreliable. When I was in need of pest control, I knew I had to ditch my previous attitude of looking for the best deal. Instead, I switched my philosophy around for better service done right the first time. The old adage, ‘you get what you pay for’ is true. I’m very happy and satisfied with my decision to choose Orkin for my pest control needs.

“Mr. Ray conducted himself in the utmost professional manner and is a true testament to the Orkin company. He’s a true asset to your team.”

Excellent Service

Kristen, NCS outbound commercial sales (785), wrote, “I was just speaking to a lovely lady named Amy from a church in Sandy, Utah. She was very impressed with Bob Taylor (Branch #895 Salt Lake City). She said, “He really took time and explained all three options he offered her to help with their pest control issues.” She said he was very punctual and professional for their appointments. She was very impressed with the inspection he performed. She gave Bob a ‘perfect 10’ in the ability to recommend based on his excellent customer service.

“Thank you, Bob, for taking such excellent care of our customers; you are terrific. I so enjoy talking with you and sending you leads. You always send wonderful notes and let me know when you have received them. You are very upbeat and friendly. Our customers adore you. Thank you so much, Bob, for taking great care and time with our customers. It’s an honor to have you as one of my account managers.”

Cheyene Completes our Holiday Look

Judy sent the following email: “Happy Belated Halloween! I just wanted to share a picture. Cheyene Allen (Branch 758 Everett, Wash.) put the final touch to our gruesome scene, and we are so appreciative! It made me laugh and was a great addition. So nice to have more than a ‘pest guy’; I now have faith in his decorating abilities as well! You can’t quite tell here, but that rat is about two feet long and that trap is the biggest thing I’ve ever seen! Thank you, Cheyene!”

Real Lifesaver

Claudette Hanson called and said, “Waylon Huggins (Trutech Central Texas) saved my life when he arrived at my home and discovered a dangerous gas leak. He arrived to find an overwhelming gas odor. He evacuated the home, including an infant and pets, and called the fire department. The firefighters had to close the home until the city could fix the leak. It’s a wonder the house didn’t explode. I can’t say enough great things about Waylon, and thanks for saving my life!”

Thoughtful Letter

Eileen writes, “Dear Gwen Hall (Branch #308 Philadelphia), Thanks for always helping me and thank you for taking care of the matter with my neighbor. I hope Orkin appreciates you – you are a wonderful person and employee.”

Audit Results

Paul, compliance manager at Novolex, sent the following email: “Each fall we go through several required audits over a very intense 3 day period. We have received the results of those audits and once again have performed to the highest levels. The reason for my email is I would like to share some feedback concerning your services and in particular your pest control technician. On each of the audits performed, we scored the maximum points allotted for pest control. Steve Pope (Branch #670 Cincinnati) services this facility. Steve’s performance over the years has been nothing less than outstanding. Steve came into the audit week fully prepared, having the plant and all of the paperwork in order. The auditor met with Steve over several hours and Steve was able to demonstrate his/our compliance to their expectations. The auditor specifically called out our pest control program, and in particular, the stellar job that Steve is doing.

“On behalf of our team here at Novolex we would like to thank Orkin and specifically Steve Pope for a job well done. We are thankful that Steve is part of our team!”

Passion for Customer Service

Annette writes, “After poor service with another company, we contacted Orkin today. We were sent a tech by the name of Brenda Garcia Martinez (Branch #520 Alsip, Ill.). I'm six months pregnant, paranoid, and emotional. I have a five-year-old and a dog.

“When Brenda arrived, I explained my concerns and the importance of protecting my child and dog. She was sensitive to my needs and feelings, she walked through the entire house explaining what she was doing and why, she crawled through every nook and cranny and was even able to identify the area of entry and rest. She educated me on prevention and concealed traps as much as she could. She answered all my questions and assured me the issue would be taken care of. This may be your expectation and protocol, but rarely in my experience has it been met and by far exceeded. I would like to request that Brenda remains my tech throughout the remainder of my contract. I also request you take time to acknowledge her for her passion for customer service.”

Positive Feedback

Lewis sent the following email: “Tyrone Hankston (Branch #989 Portland, Maine) came to our home and provided the Orkin service today. We cannot express enough how happy we are with the level of service that Tyrone provides. He is very professional and a true pleasure to interact with.

“I also wanted to share with you that I am very pleased with your office staff as well. I received a call last week and again yesterday reminding me of the upcoming appointment. The calls are very helpful and much appreciated.”

Wonderful Addition

Jean writes, “Today a new ‘Orkin Guy’ came to conduct the bi-monthly bug search. Not only was he very thorough with his inspection, but he also went that extra mile. I spent at least 30 minutes trying to put in a storm door. I failed partly because a second person was needed. When I asked Ricky McKinney (Branch #504 Champaign, Ill.) if he’d help me, he gave me a wonderful smile and said, “Sure!” Within minutes, the storm door was installed. Without Ricky’s help, I would have had to wait until my son came at Christmas. I think Ricky is a very good addition to the Orkin staff!”

Word of Appreciation

George writes, “I would like to put in a word of appreciation for the service, and very pleasant demeanor that Charles Miller (Branch #502 Aurora, Ill.) presents each and every time he comes into our house. His attitude should brighten anyone's day. In addition, he is very thorough and does his work in a very professional way. He deserves a little, make that a lot, extra in his paycheck this month and then every month thereafter.”

Awesome Employees

Pat with Appalachian Regional Healthcare sent the following email: “I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate our Orkin Pest Control Specialist. She is very good at her job, and when she comes to our office, the CBO at Jenkins, Ky., she will check all the areas and ask if we are having

any problems or have any questions she can help us with. She is a very pleasant person and very efficient with her job. Her name is Jessie Johnson (Branch #496 Pikeville, Ky.). You are blessed to have her as an employee.”

Daniel writes, “I wanted to take a minute to let you know that Darren did a fabulous job over the weekend. The project and work was extensive and he worked late in the evening on Saturday doing a excellent job at every level. He came back on Monday morning and finished the pool/patio area and again did a fabulous job. He was a true professional. Finally, Darren’s boss came by on Saturday to inspect the work up to that point and having him come by was much appreciated.

I have to say that from the onset, Orkin's professionalism and product was first rate. I could not be happier with the work Orkin did on the property to make our home pesticide/termite free. Orkin has set the bar very high and I look forward to the same type of service going forward.

Thanks again for a job well done.

This Year was Different

Charles sent the following letter: “This is to follow up on a telephone conversation we had almost two weeks ago in praise of your employee, Christopher Ford (Branch #151 Conyers, Ga.).

“He performed the annual termite inspection of my home. I assumed the contract for termite service with your company in June, 1981, when I bought my home, and have kept it current ever since. The annual inspection has occurred very regularly every fourth quarter since then. It has always been done to my satisfaction by one or another Orkin employee. I had gotten to know what to expect.

“I want you to know this year was different! Chris Ford – by far – was the most thorough and detailed inspector we’ve had in all that time. Further, he was very neat, pleasant and helpful to my wife and me. We had to comment to each other after he departed that he is special and deserves special recognition.”

Sing Fran’s Praises

Laura Crowley with Brooks Berry Haynie Electrical Contractors wrote, “Fran (Francis Robinson) (Branch #676 Roswell Commercial, Roswell, Ga.), our technician, is doing a great job! He is very personable and informative. I have to sing his praises since he always does such a good job of helping us with our rats and fruit flies!”

A Real Asset

Jennifer with the G.L. Wilson Building Company sent the following letter: “Justin Palmer (Branch #457 Chesapeake, Va.) just left after performing our monthly service. I wanted to let you know how thorough he was at taking care of our business. Extremely polite, kind and helpful…a real asset to Orkin and its customers. We appreciate your service, the dedication of your employees and the excellent customer service we have consistently received. Today is a perfect example of that.”

Positive Feedback

Janice wrote the following comment on Listen360: “Andrew Sweetser (Branch #990 Pittsfield, Mass.) is the best Orkin man. He is very thorough and we are pest free for the first time since living in our house. He gets the job done quickly, and I don't know how he does it because we have a 1870 cottage style house by the river and the woods. He knows the house now, and I hope he will be our Orkin man for the next 20 years. He is simply said a pro and a nice person. He is so respectful and represents your company well.”

Very Pleased Customer

John wrote, “Charles Miller (Branch #502 Aurora, Ill.) has been servicing our home in St. Charles. We are very pleased with Charles and his work. Charles is a great person with a great combination of professionalism and personality. We look forward to his visits and so does our puppy. We do not continue the contract with Orkin because of Orkin, but because of Charles.”

Staying Because of Marni

Roger wrote the following letter: “I have had pest control for 8 years and have been happy with the service. However, my wife of 36 years just passed away of cancer, and she was the one who thought we needed the service. In my attempt to downsize, I felt the need to cancel this service.

“I called and got to a service center in the Seattle area. After one attempt to cancel, I was transferred to what I assume is a supervisor of keeping business for your company. I was anticipating a challenging phone call with an aggressive tone and was ready for battle, as is the case with most companies when you try to cancel service. But, instead, I have to tell you about the wonderful experience I encountered that not only kept my business with your company, but altered my thinking a little.

“I was transferred to a woman named Marni Prevost (Branch #763 Northwest Administrative). I explained my situation and that I needed to cancel. In my anticipation to hear the fake ‘sorry for your loss, but don’t cancel the service’ approach, I was treated completely differently.

“Marni listened to the whole reason, and there was silence. Her first words were a heartfelt ‘sorry for what you have gone through,’ and another pause. She seemed to be truly moved by my situation, and that caught me off guard. She went on to say that it looks like I have been a customer for more than 8 years and that she did appreciate our business. Slowly, this stranger started making me feel alive again. We talked about my wife’s death and the heard time it is to move on. She then said something I will never, ever forget, and I will make the motto for the business that I own and try to teach my employees this motto: regardless of whatever goes on after 8 years of service, I was part of the ‘Orkin family.’ She said she knew that sounded silly, but true, and any time I needed to talk, I had a sounding board.

“After the phone call, I thought hard about this conversation. I own my own business, I have homes, boats and many luxuries. These were the things that have always made me happy. We strive to have a great life; however, when a spouse dies, none of this really matters.

“All I did was call to cancel my service, and I encountered a life-changing agent on the phone. I am staying with your company. Money was never the issue, service was never the issue, just felt no need for service. I am staying due to this wonderful agent and her ability to talk to customers. Whoever she is and whatever her position, you have an asset in that employee; do not overlook what you have.

“Thank you for the years of good service and considering me your family.”