Wolf Spider in Missouri

Wolf spiders found in Missouri share traits known to many other wolf spider species throughout the world. Typically 1 to 3 cm in body length, wolf spiders are relatively large spiders. Wolf spiders in Missouri have four pairs of legs, the fourth of which is longest, and four pairs of eyes in varying sizes.

Generally burrowing arachnids, wolf spiders may also be seen crawling across floors in homes. They typically inhabit gravel and sand bars, low vegetation areas and leaf litter as well as living near rivers, ponds and streams.

Wolf spiders can be defensive and bite when threatened. However, their venom is not considered medically threatening to the average adult.

A number of wolf spider species appear similar to brown recluse spiders. As a result, some people might find it difficult to identify them. A major physical difference is wolf spiders have eight eyes and recluses only have six.