You Can’t Afford to Leave Rodents Off Your Radar

From product contamination and disease transmission to property damage from chewing and burrowing, rodents are an expensive problem that can have long-lasting, negative impacts to your products, people and business reputation.

Orkin Commercial Pro in a warehouse using a flashlight to check around boxes.

Benefits of Rodent Control

Benefits of Rodent Control

Customized Solutions

No two businesses or rodent problems are alike. Our well-trained Orkin Pros™ will conduct a thorough inspection and create a custom plan to help resolve your rodent issue.

Trapping & Rodent Removal

If rodents are present, your Orkin Pro™ may strategically place traps around your facility as an additional control step, and will remove rodents and anything they leave behind to help mitigate the potential spread of diseases and prevent a re-infestation.

Ongoing Monitoring

Your Orkin Pro will conduct ongoing inspections of your property and make adjustments as needed to ensure your rodent control plan is as effective as possible.

Who You Choose For Rodent Control Matters

Rodents require special attention from an experienced provider, and for more than 120 years we’ve kept rodents on our radar. Schedule a free inspection with an Orkin Pro who can recommend preventive measures for your business.


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