Orkin Presents Cicada Symphony Orkinstra - Image of cicadas sitting on top of violin

A trillion piece performance, 221 years in the making.

It was performed live in front of a sold out audience and on Tiktok live in Springfield, Illinois in June of 2024.

Now you can watch the performance, listen to the album, and download the program and sheet music to host an Orkinstra in your community. Don’t forget to follow and tag us on social when you do!

Full Performance

Rewatch the TikTok LIVE

Couldn’t tune in? Head over to our TikTok to watch the full Cicada Symphony Orkinstra performance, recorded live from Springfield, IL.

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Experience Act I: Nymphs of the Underworld

Listen to the first act and save it on Spotify before the full album drops on 6/21.

XIII x XIX: Cycle of the Cicadas How the Best in Pests partnered with the best in music.

How the Best in Pests Partnered with the Best in Music

To bring the symphony to life, Orkin collaborated with Emmy-nominated composer, Bryan Rheude. Known for his experimental approach to composition, Rheude took Orkin’s recordings of Brood XIII & Brood XIX and crafted a seven-act symphony crafted entirely around the cicadas’ chorus.

The notes, rhythms, and frequencies of each brood were taken in, analyzed, and reimagined into the 45-minute symphony, XIII x XIX: Cycle of the Cicadas.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Trillion Piece Performance

See how our entomologist and composer collaborated to create the Cicada Symphony Orkinstra.

Watch Now

Behind the Trillion Piece Perormance - Cicada Symphony Orkinstra

Our Ensemble 2 Experts. 2 Broods. 10 Musicians.

Photo of Frank Meek

Frank Meek

Orkin, Board Certified Entomologist

Photo of Bryan Rheude

Bryan Rheude

Composer & Keyboard

Image of a Brood XIII Cicada

Brood XIII

Male Chorus

Image of a Brood XIX Cicada, Photo of Brood 19 cicadas shot in 2011 courtesy of Dr. Nancy Hinkle, UGA Entomologist.

Brood XIX

Male Chorus

Photo of Jim Gailloreto

Jim Gailloreto

Music Director, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute

Photo of Lisa Fako

Lisa Fako

Violin 1

Photo of Mark Angor

Mark Angor

Violin 2

Photo of James Sanders

James Sanders

Violin 2

Photo of Jill Kaeding

Jill Kaeding


Photo of Daniel Thatcher

Daniel Thatcher

Double Bass

Photo of Steve Duncan

Steve Duncan


Photo of James Davis

James Davis


Photo of Joe Sonnefeldt

Joe Sonnefeldt


Orkinstra - Image of a person holding the Cicada Symphony Playbill

Digital Program

Explore the Orkinstra Program

Discover the science and musical inspiration behind each of the seven acts as your explore our digital program.

Digital Sheet Music

Host your own Orkinstra

Download your individual sheet music below to turn the cicadas in your community into a musical masterpiece.

Orkinstra - Cicada images as musical notes on sheet music

Digital Sheet Music

Digital Sheet Music







Violin 1

Violin 2

Violin 3


The Best in Cicadas

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